Our Teachers

Art Road teachers are practicing professional artists who share their knowledge or art techniques, art history and art appreciation with the students.

We have benefited from the services of Cranbrook Academy of Art graduate students, the sculptor Carrie Fonder, and the painter Todd Patrick.

We supplement the teacher with volunteers who help distribute the project and answer questions.

With their help and guidance, our students regularly produce work that exceeds standards set forth by the Michigan Department of Education.

In the first photo at the right, Carrie Fonder is showing the class how to hold the brush and make the yellow petals. When she did this, about seven students all went "oooh" in unison - it clicked for them - the light bulb in their heads went on and they learned about the process of making art.

The second photo is of Kimberly Holback, our art instructor at Spain Elementary and Charles Wright Academy of Arts & Science.  Kimberly has worked with Art Road for four years and has seen growth in the students who have been involved with the program for multiple years.  She says "They are bolder and just step into projects.  They are not only able to observe artistic attributes of art pieces, such as color, detail, and surface aspects, but can go further and intuitively connect with what the artist is trying to say."

The third photo is of YuTung Hou, our art instructor at Edison Elementary.  YuTung, a Cranbrook Academy of Art graduate student; appreciates how art helps self-esteem.  She says "Students can be reserved and hold back from things they don't understand, but art helps them get involved in things that they're not sure about.  It helps them form their identity, be confident with themselves.  Not just in art, but in life."

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