Kids, parents, teachers love Art Road!

"The Art Road Art Program is critical to our quest to provide the best educational experience for our students. I have had the privilege of being in the art room when our students are creating their works of art. The students are eager to share their creations and have a sense of great pride in their work. The teachers and parents have praised my efforts to bring art class back to their children."
Beverly Green
Principal, Edison Elementary School

"Thank you so much for bringing Art Road to Charles Wright Academy of Arts and Science.

Since this program begin back in September 2011, our attendance rate has increased on Wednesdays. Our students look forward to coming on Wednesdays because they know they will have the opportunity to attend Art class.

During that time, the students are able to express themselves through drawings."
Kimberly A. Davis
Principal, Charles H. Wright Academy of Arts and Science


"As a Detroit school teacher, I am very impressed with and grateful for the Art Road program. In my class of 23 second-graders, many find that success comes with much difficulty in academic areas.

Through close observation in the art classes, it became obvious that some have developmental issues that reach beyond their academics. Many of these students were able to shine through their artistic self-expression.

To see children who have anger problems become art class helpers was worth more than words can express.

One little girl, grief-stricken heart broken after the loss of her mother and God-mother, was able to smile and paint happy faces in art class. Another student is staying with nine other family members and often falls asleep in class, but is able to create beautiful paintings in art class.

Thanks again for how you have touched the lives of students in my room and our school."
Patricia Wilkins
Teacher, Edison Elementary School

"I like all the art projects because they are very creative. They even made me use my mind."
Art Road Student

"Ooooh my mom is really going to love this one!"
Art Road Student



"Every once in a while I come across a group that has all the right things in order and could use a boost from the philanthropic community. Art Road, a non profit that places artists in Edison Elementary in Detroit. provides outstanding art classes throughout the school and year. I visited the school last week to see Art Road in action, and their impact can be seen in the classroom and around the school."
Michael F. Tenbusch
Vice President, United Way for Southeastern Michigan

"Art Road was launched with Carol's passion and unique ability in providing special arts activity classes, including supplies and an instructor, in schools that no longer provide art instruction. What Carol has created from nothing but an idea at Edison Elementary is really incredible."
John Anderson
Managing Director, The CEO Advantage

"Art Road has positioned itself as a viable solution to the budgetary crisis that many Michigan school boards are in. Through your facilitation, you were able to bring both the corporate and education worlds together to transform a much deserving school in the heart of Detroit. The end result is a more inspiring art room, an art gallery that showcases the proud artists' work and a new basketball court - because even young artists need time to play!

I have seen first-hand how the Art Road classroom is changing lives. Children who may have entered the art room upset or down, leave full of energy and excitement because they were allowed the opportunity for artistic expression.

It is imperative that the mission of Art Road grows and continues to spread throughout Southeast Michigan. We fully support your efforts and sincerely hope that your requests to obtain grants and other funding are welcomed and approved so that Art Road Nonprofit and its programs can continue making a positive difference in the lives of our youth."
Jennifer Korman
Community Relations, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

"I would really want to learn from the plant room, so I can think about what I'm going to draw and so we can learn from Mrs. Carol Art."
Jayla Stevall
Art Road Student, in second grade