Art Trips

Art Road students occasionally take to the road for a field trip to an art-related destination. Our students always benefit from the outings - they are valuable educational and social opportunities for kids who otherwise may never leave their small circle of friends, family and school.

Museums, art studios and sites that support the arts with materials or processes are all places that Art Road is interested in visiting. We need your help to bring more Art Trips to students: transportation, admission and food costs all require sponsorship.

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In 2009, 25 Art Road students visited Museum Bronze in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

This field trip was funded by the Reid Family Foundation (who also has donated to our art program).

Museum Bronze offers a collection of more than 2000 hand-made, working models that demonstrate both the precision building of machinery for mass production and the historical impact of the Industrial Revolution.

Our students were able to tour the museum, see a selection of actual hood ornaments that went way back, and create their own hood ornaments out of clay that they took home at the end of the day.

Thanks, Museum Bronze, from the students at Art Road Nonprofit!